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Booking Conditions

Once booked, the hotel will contact Llandovery Angling Association to book your Ghillie, the Ghillie will then be in contact via telephone or email to confirm the Booking and arrange the individual requirements including start times and dates.  Please indicate at time of booking if you require any additional days which will be charged at £100 for a Full Day or £50 for a 1/2 Day.

Duration of the Day

The season runs from April 1st to October 17th.  Our ghillie will be available for 7 ½ hours for a full days guiding and 4 hours for ½ day. However the permit is valid for 24 hours. He will meet you at the river at a specified time and provide information on tactics, best places to fish what methods are best for the conditions and provide any tuition required. A packed lunch will be provided.  All dates are booked on a first come first served basis. Your date is secured in the diary of our guide/instructor by payment of a deposit (or in full).


To confirm your booking day you must pay a booking deposit of £75 or full payment if you prefer.


Failure to attend a course/guided trip Our guide, guides/instructors are self-employed and in many cases fly fishing guiding/ instruction is their full time profession and only source of income. Once you have paid your deposit and your booking is in their diary they can accept no other work opportunities for that date. Thus by cancelling or postponing the date of your fishing day you are reducing their opportunity to take paid work on that day. Once you request a specific date you should be committed to that date. If you postpone your date for whatever reason you may lose all or some of your monies paid. If we can reschedule the date with you at no extra cost we will do so.
If circumstances beyond our control require us to cancel or postpone your date, we reserve the right to refund fees paid to us or offer an alternative time of similar value/duration. Please note that we accept no liability for any accommodation, travel or additional expenses in the event that we have to cancel your date with us.
If you fail to attend a course/guided trip. Your instructor/guide will wait for a period of 60 minutes for the guests to show, at the agreed meeting point after this period your booking will be deemed to have been cancelled .and all remaining balances will become payable plus any travel or other expenses incurred by your instructor/guide to attend your booking.
After the 60 minute show period it may be possible to continue with your booking if you have made contact with the guide instructor within that 60 minutes, but the time will be deducted from the session in relation to our hours of work. Additional time may be added at a rate of £25per hour by agreement but it’s not classed as part of the day.


Poor conditions on the fishing day
Bad weather, bad water conditions or lack of fish catches are outside our control. In the event that a day is spoilt by any factor outside the control of fly Fishing wales with Kim Tribe no refund of any monies paid will be made.

Dangerous Weather Conditions

If an instructor/guide, decides to cancel your trip due to dangerous conditions including flooding, lightning or high winds the full balance will remain payable. As an example if a full day is booked and it is only possible to fish for half a day, a further half day will be credited for use in the future. Every effort will be made to ensure your time with us goes ahead as planned and whenever possible we will also contact you in advance of your trip if weather conditions are deteriorating. Your safety is of paramount importance and therefore we reserves the right to cancel an event if there is a risk to your wellbeing.


Fishing Rod Licence

A rod licence is included in our quoted price.  Local fishing permits are included in the price and will be provided.

Llandovery Angling Association Rules

  • No member shall take or kill salmon fry.
  • Any fish hooked other than in the mouth must be returned to the river immediately with the least possible damage.
  • Any member convicted on a charge of illegal fishing will be refused membership of the Association for a period of ten years.
  • No member shall (a) Make fires on the banks or leave gates open. (b) Take dogs to the riverside. (c) Interfere with game.
  • No person shall use in connection with fishing with rod and line for salmon and sea trout any prawn or worm before or after the dates stipulated by the Environment Agency.
  • No person shall use any kind of float on Association water.
  • The only baits allowed on Association water are; the natural and artificial fly, minnow, creeper, prawn, worm and shrimp. * Drop minnow (dipping) is prohibited on the tributaries Bran and Gwydderig.
  • No person other than the permit holder is permitted on the Association’s water.
  • Members are obliged to carry their permit together with the official receipt and EA licence when fishing.
  • ​Fish, bait and tackle must be exhibited on request to any public officer, water bailiff, or any authorised person, including other members of the Association.
  • No member shall “hog” any particular spot or pool on the Association water. For fly and spinner fishermen, the rule is, that one cast must be followed by a one yard movement downstream if another member is waiting to fish. * Any member reported to the committee for disregarding this rule, will be severely dealt with.
  • No member of the Association may retain more than 4 migratory fish in any 24hrs. In the interests of conservation no member should visit the Association’s waters for 24hrs, from the time of taking a fourth fish.
  • Any member caught taking more than the prescribed limit will be banned immediately from the Association. There will be no right of appeal. Members are obliged to co–operate fully if challenged by a club member or any bailiff.
  • No angler may take more than 4 brown trout from the Association waters in one day.
  • Anyone considered to be fishing excessively and or for commercial gain may be asked to appear before the committee and excluded from the Association if it is felt appropriate.
  • Excessive fishing on the lower water. On the lower water no member may fish on more than 14 days or 14 nights in any consecutive 28 day period.
  • All rod returns to be sent to the Club Secretary by Jan 1st of the closed season.
  • Any member failing to observe the above rules will automatically forfeit his/her permit.
  •  The Chairman requests all members to show courtesy and consideration to all farmers on whose land they fish.
  • Bailiffs have been instructed to ensure the above rules have been carried out.




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